Our wellness program begins with an initial consultation to review your health history, identify your vision of vibrant health, explore your foundations for health, the roots of dis-ease, what needs optimization, and steps forward. We utilize Muscle Response Testing to perform an extensive evaluation and create a personalized lifestyle protocol to address the imbalances and provide your body with the reinforcement it needs. Personalized Lifestyle Protocols and Roadmap to Health include modifications and guidance such as lifestyle changes, drainage and detox support, supplementation, and Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR) sessions.

Holistic Wellness Approach™

Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Testing (MT) or Muscle Response Testing (MRT), is a reflex test on your body to see what is going on inside of it by accessing your nervous system. This form of biofeedback testing can reveal an imbalance and how to resolve it; a window into the body to discover what the body already knows.

 We use muscle testing to evaluate: 

  • Creating the base: evaluating vitamin and mineral status and needs. 
  • The major foundational pathways in the body: detoxification, drainage pathways, immune system, cellular energy, cellular regeneration, hydration, central nervous system, enzyme activation, and hormones
  • The presence and intensity of Stressors, Toxins, and Pathogens that impact optimal body functioning: mold/mycotoxins, parasite, lyme, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, glyphosate, radioactive elements, and ammonia
  • The organs or glands that need optimizing and additional support
  • The relationship between the physical body, lifestyle choices, and emotional/spiritual aspects of wellness to your current state
  • Personalized lifestyle modifications and protocol

About the Program

We use the information from the initial consultation to design a personalized protocol based on the Roadmap to Health to revitalize your body. Your Roadmap to Health is your guide to revitalize your body though the phases of the program over 6-9 months. It will also help to identify and understand some of the detours, challenges, and important mileposts on the road to health and wellness.

We will re-evaluate with muscle testing at each follow up session to modify your Personalized Lifestyle Protocol as we move along the Roadmap together.

Your Roadmap to Health*

As with any important journey, an effective roadmap is critical to your success. Your Roadmap to Health is designed to help you understand how to take the trip and what to expect along the way. It will also help you navigate and understand some of the detours, challenges and important mileposts you'll pass as you take this journey successfully. 

Phase 5

Deeper immune support

Phase 1

energy & drainage

Phase 3

whole body immune support

Phase 4

Systemic detox

Phase 2

gut & immune support

Immune system cleanup

Optimize your personal health journey

Jumpstart your protocol at the mitochondrial level

"All disease begins in the gut." - Hippocrates

Remove harmful elements

Transition from gut to whole body

60-Minute Follow Up

2-Hour Initial Session

90-Minute Follow Up

*Roadmap to Health information provided by Cellcore Biosciences. Learn more at www.CellCore.com.