At Hotze Health Collective, we provide psychotherapy for individuals and groups. Our therapy services help females navigate different seasons of life through a collaborative therapeutic relationship based on authenticity, trust, communication, and mutual respect. We cultivate a safe, nonjudgmental environment to come as you are. It is an honor to join clients in their journey and help them connect to their intuition, purpose, and let their true light shine. 

Integrative Psychotherapy

In our person-centered approach we  integrate traditional talk therapy with complementary modalities. Integrative Psychotherapy is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you relate to the world around you. We grow through experiences - exploring our greater blueprint, personal strengths, triggers, gratitudes, values, goals, emotional language, communication styles, and how internal thoughts and beliefs ultimately influence how we show up in our day to day. You are here to thrive and not just survive, let’s awaken the most vibrant you!

We are here to help you strengthen the mind-body connection and recalibrate your nervous system, while also working through current life challenges, previous traumas, limiting belief patterns, lifestyle influences, communication styles, and relationship dynamics that are no longer serving you.

Mind Body Spirit Release™ is a complementary modality to move deeper into the language of the body, the subconscious programming and the nervous system, focussing on unprocessed emotions, experiences, and limiting beliefs.

Functional lab work is available and  incorporated to provide comprehensive insight into environmental stressors affecting the gut+brain and body as a whole. 

Stress & Anxiety
Body Image
Eating Disorders
Over Exercising
Confidence & Self Esteem 
Emotional Flexibility
Nervous System Regulation
Interpersonal Effectiveness
High Achieving & Perfectionism
Transitions & Adjustment
Rebuilding from Trauma

Some Areas of focus:

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